Your Mother’s Dental Work

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powdersDid you do something special for your mom on Mother’s Day this year? Moms deserve it! Have you ever considered what it was like to visit the dentist when your mom was a little girl?

There were no foosball tables or Playstations at the dentist’s office. TVs were big, bulky cubes. Nobody put them on the ceiling. Mom had nothing to watch while her teeth were cleaned. She could only stare at the ceiling. Talk about boring! If she was very lucky, she got to listen to music.

If Mom’s teeth were crooked, her childrens dentist could only use metal braces. They didn’t have the clear plastic trays used today.

X-rays were very different. The dentist turned them into photographs. This was a messy process that required hazardous chemicals. The x-ray photographs had to be stored in filing cabinets. They were a pain to find if Mom’s dentist wanted to see how her teeth were growing. Your dentist looks at big, bright screens. The x-rays are huge. This makes it easy for your dentist to see problems early. Your dentist can also pull up old x-rays with a click of the mouse.

Grandmother had it even worse! She didn’t have electric toothbrushes. Nobody put fluoride in her water. This meant she was more likely to get cavities. Even Grandmother’s dentist assumed she’d lose some, or even all, of her teeth. You and Mom will get to keep all your teeth, if you take proper care of them.

Things have changed a lot since poor George Washington had all his teeth pulled out. Dentists’ offices are more fun. Teeth are healthier. Cavities are rarer. Give Mom a hug and ask her what it was like to visit the dentist when she was your age. You’ll learn things were very different back then.


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