Your Eye Teeth Don’t Blink

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from the first toothOn either side of your incisors, both and top and bottom, you will have one tooth that is longer and pointier than the others.  What are these teeth called?  They have many names.  They are called eye teeth because they’re just below your two eyes.  They’re also called cuspids, dogteeth, and fangs.  In animals like dogs these teeth are very long.  They use these teeth to hold and tear their food.  For this reason, these teeth are most commonly called canines.

Human canines are much smaller than a dog’s.  You’ll still use yours to pull food apart just like a dog does.  This is very handy when eating food like drumsticks and ribs.  Just be sure you don’t pull off more than your mouth can hold!

The longest canines belong to the narwhale.  The left canine of male narwhales grows into a long, spiral tusk.  It looks just like the horn of a unicorn.  This tusk can grow over ten feet in length.  Nobody knows what the tusk is for.  It’s not used to eat or fight.  Some think it might be a special sense organ.  Others think male narwhales grow these long, beautiful tusks to impress female narwhales.

Being near the front, your canines are an important part of your smile.  Even if your kid teeth don’t include all four canines yet, visiting your dentist can make sure your canines grow in straight and pretty.  Just like the male narwhales, you’ll want your smile to be impressive when you grow up.  But don’t use your teeth to hold your food.  Your mother will prefer it if you use your fork and spoon.


  1. […] Scientists divide whales up into two groups. The first group are called toothed whales because they have teeth. Among the toothed whales are the orca, or killer whales, the sperm whales, like Moby Dick, and the narwhal with it’s unicorn-like canine. […]

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