What’s a Tooth Worth?

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While your parents struggled with their taxes last week, a problem for kids reared its ugly head: tooth payments are not rising as fast as before.

From the First ToothRosemary Wells, CFO of Tooth Fairy, Inc., has carefully tracked tooth value. She noted that since 1900, payments for baby teeth rose briskly. By 1990, an average of $2 per tooth was reported whereas in 1965, kids were only getting a dime. (Ask your grandpa how much he got.) By 2012, the average payout for a lost tooth was $3.

Some kids have opened negotiations with the tooth fairy. A boy named Rhett has even asked for “one BiLeione DoLLar’s.” While we’ve not heard an official response from the tooth fairy yet, we suspect, in light of the latest data, that Rhett’s opening gambit might be a bit too aggressive and we don’t recommend this approach.

Instead, ask for a dime more for each tooth. You have about 20 baby teeth and if you start at $3, then your final tooth will be worth a whopping $5!

If you need more advice about baby teeth, tell your mommy to take you to your kids dentist. He can give you an update on how much money you should be making. Your daddy can call Tooth Fairy, Inc. and let them know of the new price.


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