Tomorrow’s Toothpaste

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BlueToothpasteToothpaste has gone through many changes over the centuries. Today’s toothpaste is healthier, more effective, and, just as important, tastes better than any toothpaste before. But what will future toothpaste be like?

Scientists are already hard at work trying to make toothpaste better. One area for improvement is foaminess. The foamier a toothpaste is, the more effective it ought to be at cleaning between teeth and in hard-to-reach spots.

Another option is smarter toothpaste. Tiny machines, called nanites, could be put into the toothpaste. These tiny machines might have jobs like building new enamel for your teeth out of diamond (one of the hardest substances known) or removing the bacteria that cause tooth decay while ignoring the good bacteria in your mouth.

Tomorrow’s toothpaste may be no toothpaste at all! Scientists at the University of Saskatchewan have been working on a solar-powered toothbrush that uses electrons to break up plaque in the mouth. If you ever get the chance to use a solar-powered toothbrush, your pediatric dentist might still suggest you keep using toothpaste until future toothbrushes can also provide fluoride to your teeth.

Scientists at MIT, however, think toothpaste is still the way to go. They’ve developed a computerized dispenser that changes the toothpaste based on weather reports. If the weather is supposed to be warmer, you get a cinnamon taste. If it’s going to be cooler, you get a minty taste. And if you see a blue stripe in your toothpaste, you’d better take your raincoat.

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