The Bristles on My Brush Go Round an’ Round…

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kids ddsWhich is better, an old fashioned manual toothbrush, or a new electric brush.  Nearly all children’s dentists are in agreement: the best brush is the one you actually use.

With that in mind, electric brushes have a lot to recommend them.  The novelty, the feel of the spinning bristles, and the fun shapes and colors can make brushing a lot more interesting and enjoyable for kids.  On the other hand, some don’t like the vibrations, and small hands might find a manual toothbrush easier to handle.

The important thing is using the brush correctly.  Thorough brushing with proper technique which massages the gum line is vital to getting the most out of your brush, and regardless of the type of brush you’re using, most dentists suggest you brush for at least two minutes.  Your dentist can show you the best ways, no matter what kind of toothbrush you prefer.


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