My Two Front Teeth

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dentist funYour incisors are the front-most teeth in your mouth. They’re great for eating corn on the cob and biting through sandwiches and hotdogs. They’re flat and sharp. This makes them perfect for cutting through food. That’s why they’re named after the latin word incidere, which means “to cut.”

If you take care of your teeth with the help of a childrens dentist, you’ll have eight incisors when you grow up. You’ll have four on top and four on the bottom. These eight teeth work together to cut through food so you can chew and swallow it.

Rodents like mice and rabbits use their incisors to gnaw. They can chew up tough roots or even through wood. The incisors of some rodents never stop growing. If they don’t wear them down through gnawing, their teeth will grow so big they won’t be able to close their mouths.

Incisors are very important to elephants. That’s because their front teeth are their tusks. Elephants use their giant incisors to dig for water, to push aside trees, and as weapons.

Because your incisors are up front, you need to take good care of them. While they are easy to brush and floss, they’re also most likely to get whacked by hockey pucks and pop flies.

Your incisors are the teeth most prominent in your smile. Giving them some love will give you a smile everyone will love.


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