Give Smiles All Year Long

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SmileAtTheGameDid you giving anyone a Valentine’s Day card this year? Getting a valentine is sure to make anyone smile. And maybe that can give them a longer, healthier life.

You probably already know that smiles are contagious. You also may know that smiles can make feeling happy even better, and last longer. But did you know that people who smile more live longer?

Scientists at Wayne State University used the Official Baseball Register from 1952 to study the smiles of professional baseball players. They wanted to see if bigger smiles meant a longer lifespan.

Turns out, a bigger smile does mean a longer life. Players who didn’t smile for their pictures lived on average only 72.9 years. Players with big smiles lived an average of 79.9 years. It wasn’t even close!

So when you share a smile with your friends, you’re not only making each other happier, you could be making each other healthier. Taking care of your smile isn’t just important to you. It’s also important to everyone you meet every day.

The best way to keep your smile bright and bold is to follow the advice of your pediatric dentist. They’re experts at keeping your teeth bright and shiny and your smile beaming. It could make the difference for a longer, happier life.

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