Don’t Use Your Teeth!

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BeesWaxHave you ever had trouble opening a bottle? You might have been tempted to use your teeth on the cap. This is not a good idea.

While your teeth, especially your molars, are great for gripping, they are not good for twisting. You could damage your teeth, gums, and jaw. Using your teeth as a “third hand” puts unusual stresses on your mouth. This can cause the teeth to come lose in their sockets, damage the enamel, or even crack your teeth.

This may have been what happened to a person 6,500 years ago. Researcher’s found the person’s jaw in a cave in Slovenia back in 1911, just over 100 years ago. The odd thing about this jaw is that it had a lump of beeswax in it. Scientists believe this beeswax was an attempted cure for a cracked tooth.

Beeswax can kinda seal a hole in your teeth, but it’s not much of a fix. It was probably the best they had in the Neolithic era. Luckily for you, today there is a pediatric dentist around that can help you. They have effective tools and techniques to repair your teeth. Still, the best way to have a healthy smile is to not damage it in the first place.

Some jobs and sports, however, can be risky for your teeth. Luckily, dentists can help there, too. They can make special, custom-fit mouthguard for you. These protect your teeth if you play sports with a high risk of impact. Getting banged around is part of the fun of hockey and football, but you want to do it safely and keep all your teeth in your head. If you’re thinking of trying out for the team, you might mention it to your dentist, just to be on the safe side.

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