Don’t Be Sad About the Gap

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gapGot a gap between your front teeth? Don’t let it get you down. A small but noticeable space between your front teeth, called diastema by dentists, has a storied history in many cultures around the world.

The French call it a “dents du bonheur” which translates as “lucky teeth.” Australians believe that kids with a gap between their front teeth are destined for great wealth later in life. In parts of Africa the gap is considered very attractive and some even undergo cosmetic dentistry to add a gap.

Lots of famous people sport a gap between their front teeth. These include musicians Elton John and Madonna, Oscar winners Ernest Borgnine and Anna Paquin and even world leaders like Condoleezza Rice.

Just last year, the New York Times noticed the gap was certainly trendy so far as the fashion world was concerned. Heather Muir of Allure told the paper, “Cookie-cutter beauty doesn’t stand out… We’re shifting to something more quirky.”

All that said, anyone who’s ever had a potato chip turn sidewise and stab them in the gums knows that gaps are not all fun and games. If you’re worried about the gap between your teeth, see a childrens dentist. They can make sure it isn’t a sign of a more serious issue.

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