3 Ultimate Ways to Help Make Brushing Teeth a Habit for Your Kids

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Need some help getting your your Child to regularly  start Brushing Teeth?

As your Child’s dental experts – Dr. Hirano and Dr. Roberson know how important it is to get your kids brushing habits off on the right foot. With more than 40% of children developing cavities prior to entering kindergarten these brushing teeth tips might get that number down!

Brushing Teeth

Here are 3 Ultimate “How to Get Your Kidz Brushing Teeth Tips”

1. “The Grand Marshal of Teeth”

We know kids love to feel like they are “large and in charge”. Make learning the habit of brushing teeth fun by naming your child the “Grand Marshal of Teeth”!

Have your child give out rewards to you and other family members when brushing teeth and give out “fines” to those who don’t (hopefully by pretend!)

2. Turn Brushing Teeth into a Dance Party

Bring your mobile player into the bathroom, set up mood lighting and Dance while you brush. Creating this alternate environment will enhance the positive reinforcement of the good behavior. Your children will also look forward to this nightly event.

3. Bribe Them with Brushing Commissions

The oldest trick in the book with a little spin. Get a bell and put up a whiteboard. Every time they brush their teeth have them ring the bell ala stock market style and then have them mark each brushing on the board. Set up goals and rewards to incentive good hygiene.

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