Bobbing for Healthy Teeth

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dentist gamesAutumn is the time for apples. You’ll see a lot more, and more kinds, of apples in stores and on tables now that fall is here.

Apples are a great food for your teeth. As you already know, crunchy foods like apples scour your teeth and help knock loose food particles and plaque. They make your mouth salivate, which is also great for your teeth. In addition to your own saliva, apples have a lot of water in them, so your teeth are even more protected by washing and diluting the stuff that feeds the bacteria on your teeth.

On top of that, apples are slight astringent. This helps the scrubbing action of the apple’s fibrous bulk scrape food and even stains off your teeth.

Unpeeled and uncooked apples are the best. There’s lots of good stuff in the apple’s peel, and it’s really good for the scrubbing action on your teeth. In addition, biting through a crisp, crunchy apple gives you some of that massaging action your gums love so much. Soft, mushy cooked or sauced apples might still have lots of good nutrients in them, but they’re not as good for your teeth as a crisp raw apple.

Don’t think apples can replacing brushing. They’re good for your teeth, but like chewing gum, they can only be part of what you do to keep your teeth healthy. Your pediatric dentist will tell you, brushing and flossing need to be daily activities no matter what you eat.

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