Back to School For Dentists Too

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fun dentistSummer is ending, which means it’s time to head back to school and childrens dentists attend school for many years. There are so many things to learn, from how to care for teeth to how to examine x-rays.

There are, of course, special schools for dentists where they learn how to help your smile last a lifetime. In America, these schools are approved, or accredited, by the American Dental Association. The first two years of dental school are about the science of teeth and human health. After that, they get another two years of hands-on training, learning how to actually clean teeth, take x-rays, and do all the other things a dentist needs to know how to do.

However, before a dentist can go to dental school, they first need to graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree which is another four years of school. It takes dedication to become a dentist.

And the schooling doesn’t end there. Some dentists become specialists in a particular skill. Dr. Hirano spent two additional years earning a Pediatric specialty degree. That means he’s an expert when it comes to children’s teeth. Even after graduation, dentists frequently go to seminars and classes to pick up new skills, learn about new technology and techniques, and to keep their knowledge and skills sharp.

So while you shop for backpacks, new clothes, and the pencils and notebooks you’ll need for school, don’t be surprised if you see your dentist preparing just like you. For dentists, learning how to keep teeth bright and healthy never ends.

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